We simplify your steps
towards your app success


Plan your ad strategy

Minimob provides a wide range of tools, data, trials & analytics, ensuring the commitment of our team to your measurable and scalable results. Talk to us about your task and get a free consultation from our experts. We guarantee to drive the best possible return on each of your ads spend. If you lose, we lose.

  • Hybrid payouts
  • Engagement campaigns

Acquire High-value users

Our unique self-serve or managed tool can measure, analyze & structure effective campaigns for optimal monetization across multiple channels and user demographics. Through our data analytics system, we identify the best possible outcomes for your brand or app vertical. Let us help you reach out to the most relevant audience.

  • In-house creative banners
  • Maximum conversion rates with minimum cost

  • Specified targeting

Auto-optimize for compelling
post-install events

Minimob’s system is fully transparent as you can check, adjust, measure & scale your results real-time. We offer a powerful pricing mechanism that optimizes according to dynamic indicators of user engagements. Our algorithm, containing our sophisticated PIE-based solutions, is driving smart business decisions towards accelerated growth. Regardless of tracking partners or the analytics technology, Minimob melds with all tracking providers to confirm completion.

  • Sophisticated algorithm
  • Flexible tracking

  • Fully transparent system

Boost your ranking,
installs & performance

Minimob knows that spending money on app installs that never give positive ROI and retention is nothing more than a waste. As such, we produce combination strategies that boost rankings; we offer the option to increase your volumes by getting free installs while paying only for user engagement.

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Multiple bidding strategies

Free user acquisition,
risk minimization & quality user retention
for app advertisers

The challenge

In both the App Store and Google Play Store, free-to-download apps are leading the way. Despite the robust app revenues, the majority of these apps are free to download and rely on monetization via in-app events and ads. However:

How can an app advertiser run performance-based campaigns,
maximize volumes & acquire quality users
without the risk of negative profit?

of the apps in both Play Store and App Store are games
in 2020 the share of population that plays mobile is projected to reach
of all in-app revenue on iOS & Android comes from games
of freemium mobile games make one in-app purchase a month on average

The full stack performance advertising solution
will help you acquire engaging users.

The tool

The self-serve or managed, user-oriented tool will approach
the correct audience & empower the growth of your app

Integrate easily

The engagement postback URLs are automatically generated for each Post Install Event based on the Attribution Platform you are integrated

Customized creatives built in-house

We create high-converting banners & you reach out to a wide range of mobile user profiles that are likely to spend in-app

Reduce user acquisition costs

Get continuously new users at zero cost per install and bid real-time on their performance

Gain the maximum volumes

The campaign is promoted programmatically (CPM/CPC) or on CPI to our traffic sources, offering to the advertiser the maximum Traffic Volumes at no risk

Convert users into paying customers

On the backend, the Performance Machine Learning Algorithm is continuously optimizing for the engagement events you chose, resulting in continuous growth in terms of Volumes and Performance

Leverage your margin

Engagement bids can change real-time based on the performance, user’s behavior & campaign volumes, leading to the highest advertiser’s margin

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